After 1989: A Trip To Freedom (Original Demos & Outtakes)

by Minutes to Midnight

Defence Condition is two A giant leap for mankind A small step for you Unless you’re blind We pull a blockade And call it quarantine Could be our last day You might convene First strike: miscalculation Second strike: retaliation You keep pushing for war or invasion We just want the best conclusion In the meantime Helen stares at the window Hugging her husband
Waiting for that cloud —Not coming, is it?— It’s dark outside The red of a street light She might never live To see another nice Saturday night
Nineteen-eighty-three On a Friday night—I think When I took my seat And the lights went off On the biggest screen I cannot tell the way it was But I went miles away A boy in a foreign land A farmer, a soldier A groom and a bride Children, a daughter In the countryside A doctor, a nurse The fire in the sky A priest and a curse Burns to the eye Nineteen-eighty-three On a Friday—I believe When I watched the film And the fear would never leave Never leave Never leave Never leave


A concept album about imprisonment and liberty.

The previous incarnation of the album was mostly instrumental, supported by a vast array of strings and a convoluted almost-silent narration. A vast amount of material had accumulated during the years. The core of the concept shifted a few times, along with a change of collaborators.

This collection of Demos & Outtakes is a rough, unpolished partial testimony of that phase.


released April 30, 2020

A concept album written by Simone Silvestroni.


“13 Days (Original Demo)”, “Unter Den Linden”, “Come To This Gate (Outtake)” and “Berlin 91 (Original Instrumental Demo)” arranged with Paolo Clementi. Guitar solo in “The Day Before (Original Demo)” by Paolo Clementi.

Performed by:

Simone Silvestroni / bass, piano, synth, MIDI strings, drums, sound effects.
Paolo Clementi / acoustic and electric guitars, violas, MIDI strings.

Sound effects:

Historical sound effects in the public domain. Original sound effects recorded on location between 2017 and 2019. Sound editing and restoration by Simone Silvestroni.

Recorded in Milan (Italy), London and Cambridge (UK). Produced by Simone Silvestroni at the Garden Room, Cambridge, UK.

This is a demo, it's not properly mixed nor mastered.

Cover photo by Dan Budnik "An elderly woman, standing at the Berlin Wall, West sector, with hands raised, waiting to see her East Berlin friends and relatives (1961)". Cover photo digital retouch by Silvia Maggi -

Sleeve design by Simone Silvestroni. 

Management by Christopher Carvalho, Unlock Your Sound Ltd.

© 2019-2020 Music & lyrics by Simone Silvestroni. All rights reserved.

℗ 2019-2020 The copyright in this sound recording is owned by Minutes to Midnight. Minutes to Midnight is the exclusive trademark of Simone Silvestroni. All trademarks and logos are protected.

Made in the EU.


all rights reserved



Minutes to Midnight Milan, Italy

Minutes to Midnight is the moniker used by Simone Silvestroni, a music producer, bassist and sound designer. After 10 years in the UK he's currently back in Italy.

The latest concept album, ‘After 1989’, is a real-life trip in history between two wars, as a grandson uncovered answers to how his grandfather managed to escape Germany in 1945.
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